Pipal Drop Copper Jug

Rs. 1,899.00 Rs. 1,709.00

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Increases Brain Efficiency

Helps in Control Ageing

Helps in Fighting Anemia

Helps in Control Weight

Boosts Immunity System

Helps in Prevent Arthritis

Discover Pipal's Copper Water Pots, Carafes, and Pitchers – stylish, sustainable, and health-conscious companions for your daily hydration. Meticulously crafted with timeless design, these pieces not only elevate your sipping experience but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. Choose Pipal for a touch of elegance in your routine, making each pour a blend of style, sustainability, and natural well-being.

  • Due to copper's natural oxidation, regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Gently rub the copper surface with a mixture of salt and fresh lemon juice or tamarind paste.
  • Use a soft damp sponge to clean the exterior, and a soft brush for the interior.
  • It's advisable to avoid using harsh hand scrubbers.

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Rs. 1,899.00 Rs. 1,709.00